How to Hack Facebook Password With 3 Easy Tricks

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Facebook is widely used social networking site in the world. You can measure facebook usage like 1/3 population of the world daily login on facebook. But after sometime, when you got success to operate facebook account than you think to how to hack facebook password of another facebook users. Hacking of facebook passwords is only the game of mind, keep your mind present when you hack any facebook account.

70% people want to hack girl friend facebook account cause they want to see whats his girl friend doing on social media? Is she cheat him. Remaining 30% people want to hack friends or family members facebook account to see their comments, chats, post and likes.

Now come back to our topic "how to hack facebook password", i am presenting 3 tricks to steal facebook password of others but i again said always keep your mind present when you
hacking facebook account because in case of wrong usage of facebook hacking trick your facebook victim (who you want to hack facebook) can doubt on your.  Your mistake can spoil your relationship on facebook. Facebook hacking tricks are below


Ways to Hack Facebook Password

1. Phishing

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Phishing is the popular and easy trick to hack facebook password of anyone. You just have to do make facebook fake login page and send to your victim, when he attempt login his or her password save to your pc. With phishing you can do big hacking like stealing of debit card password, bank account password but our topic is
hacking facebook account, lets see the full method to how hack facebook password with phishing.

1. First you have to signup for good webhosting site and make your own domain, make sure your domain attract your victim to login. Confirm your email address via confirmation link in your email.

2. Now when you login to webhosting site go to control panel and file manager. Upload these three files index.php, hello.php and login_again.html

3. After uploading this 3 files now to got your domain link like, when you open this link facebook fake login page appear in front of you. Send this link to your victim when he enter his ID and password to fake facebook page, you will receive his or her password in password.php folder in your file manager.

That's it! i think you have got how to hack password with phishing. This is easy trick not too hard.


2. Key logging

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You are thinking what is key logging and how to hack facebook password with key logging. Key logging trick to hack facebook password is easy than phishing no need to make any facebook fake page. Key logger software basically save the key strokes which pc user type in it.

You just have to install keylogger in your computer and start it. Try to make your friend fool and agree him to user your pc and open his facebook account. As he enter his username and password, key logger save all the strokes that your friend press. When your friend leave your home open key logger and go to strokes, now you can see the all strokes which your friend typed.  Now you have successfully have facebook password with key logging.

Now a days, new version of key logger software allow their users to save screenshots. Now you can also save your friend's screenshots. 

3. Mobile Hacking

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Did you know how to hack facebook password with mobile phone? may be your answer is no lets me explain to
hacking facebook account with mobile. First you have to download spy software in your mobile or in your victime mobile. Thus victim login to facebook account, his or  her password save into the spy software. Now you can easily get victim's facebook password.

Some website selling spying software for tablet, smartphones or other android devices in cheap prices, so where you can purchased spying software for more fun.

Note: Have you ever listen the name of "Facebook password hacker"? your is answer absolutely yes cause you are the fond of hacking. So, there are no such software like facebook account freezer, facebook password hacker, facebook password reminder. If any website offering you this type of software don't believe him, they are just making your fool and this is just scam. No anyone have this type of software cause its not released until yet.

iIf any website offering hacking service like facebook password hacking, gmail password hacking, bank account hacking. So don't trust, this is the another face of scam and they are only making money & enjoying your foolness.

So, i provided many tricks to how to hack facebook password. Now it depends on you how intelligent you are. Lets start hacking and make fun.


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