How Can i Create Twitter Account for Personal Use

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Making of twitter account is not much difficult but new users had some problems in this procedure. So, in this i explained you how to create twitter account and how you can make your twitter profile more attractive. But before
create an account on twitter, you should have some information about it.

Twitter is social networking site that provide facility to type 140 characters message that also known as "Tweet". Twitter was launched by 2 friends namely Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams on July 2006. Twitter increase its speed in the race of social competition and become popular among in public. Till 2012, twitter has 100 million daily users, where 1 user make atleast 5 tweets per day so 100 million users make 400 million tweets per day. Thousands of peoples create twitter accounts daily to get in touch with high profiles.

Twitter also known as the "SMS of the internet" because of its short and unlimited tweets and also has the honor of "most visited website" in 2013. In 2014, twitter announced quantity of twitter user increase about 500 million, where 280 million peoples used twitter daily. Twitter also has 1.7 billion daily searches where people search friends, family members, songs, videos, pictures etc.

You can also use twitter in your tablet, smartphone, mobile phone, iphone, mac and other operating system.  The twitter app for android available on twitter. Now, lets see the procedure of create an account on twitter.


Procedure of Create Twitter Account

1. Go to Twitter and look for sign up in twitter front page.

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2. Than click on it and registration forum open that asked for username, first and last name, email, password. Remember, always keep difficult password that another person can't guess otheriwise it is risky for your twitter account in future. Try to upload your original profile pic, otherwise your friends or relatives can't identify you.

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3. After this all. On next page, twitter asked you about your bio than write your an attractive bio that let another twitter user to follow you cause bio define you what type of you are. In bio, define yourself as a personality. This is an important factor of your twitter reputation.

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4. After writing your bio, there an space for webmasters who have own website. This space is specially for those webmasters who want to promote their website and want to gain pagerank 10 backlink because twitter pagerank is 10. Some peoples create an account on twitter just to get high quality backlink. If you have no any website than write their your facebook or yahoo profile link for more publicity of your social profiles.

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5. After this all procedure verify your email address. Now you have create twitter account for your personal use.

I have to give you some interesting tip about twitter. By the way you can follow many profiles including celebrities, politicians, actors, musicians, holy personalities or new channels. But try to follow your competitor profile like if you are webmaster than try to follow webmasters profile, if you are businessman than try to businessman profiles. I think you have got it.

Write very interesting tweets that willing peoples to follow you. Get involved in others twitter conversations and give response to asking questions. If you forget peoples than peoples forget you. You create twitter account to speak something not for keeping silence.

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