Download Free Windows 8 Theme for Xp in One Click

<img src="" alt="Download Free Windows 8 Theme for Xp in One Click " />
You are here to download windows 8 theme for xp, am i right. You are using for a very log time and you don't want to leave it or replace xp with another windows. You also want to user windows 8 to give your pc desktop new and fresh look. So, don't take any tension we are here for your help.

Microsoft released windows 8 on January 2013 and break all the records of previous windows sold about 60 million copies in 1st month. Public give positive rate to windows 8 and its very popular because of its look like icons, booting startup, graphics etc.  Many pc users move their older windows to windows 8 and many people download windows 8 theme for xp to give new look.

When you replace your windows xp theme to windows 8, you will see totally new look like login, booting syste, wallpapers, graphics, icons, tastbar etc. But you should have high configured pc to support windows 8 theme otherwise it will hang.


Features of Windows 8 theme for xp:

1. Dynamic Desktop

<img src="" alt="Dynamic Desktop Windows 8 Theme for Xp" />

Windows 8 theme has a full dynamic look for your pc. It replace all the things including icons, folders, menus, media player and start menu. Windows 8 also inform about wheather where you are living and time on top of the screen. You will also see the some free apps in desktop of windows 8 theme for xp.


2. Booting Time

<img src="" alt=" Booting Time Windows 8 theme for xp" />


When you used windows 8 theme for xp, it will automatically boost your boot time and boot very fastly. Windows 8 has best boot time than any other windows as vista, xp and window 7. When you shut down your pc, it will also going very fast for shut down.


3. Search Box

<img src="" alt="Search Box Windows 8 theme for xp" />


Windows 8 has a search box at the top of the start menu which allow you to search any thing in all over windows 8 theme. In other windows, to search anything is hard cause you have to go different folders to search anything but windows 8 solved your problem and provide search box in menu bar. This is big advantage of windows 8 theme for xp.


4. Attractive Tiles

<img src="" alt="Attractive Tiles Windows 8 Theme for Xp" />


You will see the tiles after booting windows 8 theme for xp, all windows 8 features explains in these tiles. Windows 8 based on these tiles, you have don't go to any where you can everything on it.


5. Airplane mode

<img src="" alt="Airplane mode Windows 8 Theme for Xp" />

Like mobiles phones and smartphones, windows 8 theme for xp have airplane mode to inform his user about fire or dangerous situation. Its another best features which make windows 8 user more satisfied. 

Now i am ending my article about windows xp tutorial, you can download windows 8 theme for xp here


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