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Welcome to Techalltop! How are you all? Hope to be fine. I made techalltop on 9th of July, 2013 for the purpose of human service. You can find different tutorials here about apple, android applications, android new, tutorials about pc, mac, iphone. You can also download free software with serials key, which available on internet for cost. Techalltop also talks about pc errors, make your pc faster and also explain how to safe pc from anti virus. 

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About Fazeel Baig

Hi readers! now let me introduced my self. My name is Fazeel Baig and i am student doing diploma in associate engineering in the field of mechanical. My favourite personality is "Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)", he was the honest person ever and very close to God. He was the last messenger of God who brings and introduced Islam in whole world.

Friends i like blogging as a part time because blogging is the way of getting more information about universe. In the past, i found my blogs about desktop wallpapers, richest person, luxury goods, facebook covers and finally i created 'Techalltop'. I started blogging in 2011 and the main aim blogging is to provide information that what i know. So, i request my readers to support me and my blog & must give your opinion in comment section.

Finaly, i request you to 'Remember Me In Your Prayer' cause your prayers precious for me and can let me a successful person.