How to Make a Facebook Page and How to Promote it

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Recently facebook administration announced everyday peoples likes 2.7 billion status and daily created 50 thousand page to promote their products in online market. Facebook page making is the best way to promote or free publicity their products and get more audience concentration.

In todays era, facebook is the great platform to publicity like company brands, new website, brands, organization etc. Because facebook is the famous social network in the world with the total users of above 1 billion. You can make a facebook page with simple tutorials but first you need a fb account which registered on your name not on your family member. Before create page on facebook you must have good reputation among social netwroking users to promote your page.

Now, you can make a facebook page and how to promote it. These all tips mentioned in below lines:


Select Attractive Username

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There are billion of pages on facebook, so its hard to find best username for your business platform. Try to choose best and suited username that suits on your facebook page topic don't use your own name otherwise search engine wouldn't crawl it or crawl after long time. So, the main aim of creating page back down. fb allows you to change your username later when you make any mistake during creating.

Detail in About Section

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Provide full detail in about section while create your page on facebook. Write full description about your products that informed people why you make it. Don't forget to put download your website link because it is the backbone of your page. When you don't give your site link so where people finds your business platform.

When people visit your site through your facebook page link, thus search engine give more importance to your website There is a chance of get high ranking in search engine. So, always put your website address.

Once you have successfully make your facebook page than you can change your description and make it more long by pressing edit info in your account.


Profile and Cover

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Select good looking profile picture and back cover for your facebook page cause when audience see it, they will think whats the page saying about. If you have editing experience than edit your cover and write business quotes which suit on your facebook page.

Your profile picture also define your brands so try to fix more suited profile picture on your facebook page. For example, if your page explains watch company products than don't fix animal or attitudy profile picture, try to fix beautiful watch picture on it.



Try to make useful and detailed post on your facebook page, this is the another way of getting audience presence. When anyone read it and like your post, he absolutely touch to your site for more information.


Likes and Shares

After setting up facebook page than invite your all friends and relatives to like and share it. Facebook likes and share also effect your website search engine ranking and give more audience on your facebook page.



There are lost of method to promote your facebook page but i am giving some useful tips to promote it. You can promote it by leaving your facebook page link on blogs or high ranking website and also promote it on other social media sites including twitter, scoopit, pinterest, dribbble, linkedin, reddit etc.

Another way to promote your facebook page is blog commenting. 80% blogs on the web allow readers to comment and give their opitions. So, when commenting on someone blog, comment section asked you to wirte your name, email address and website link. Wirte your name, email and in the place of website wirte your facebook page address and than wirte article related comment. When moderator approved your comment it will promote your facebook page.


Google +

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Do you know what is Google plus? let me define. Google plus is the platform designed by Google Inc. to support their webmasters. Google plus can do SEO if you use it in right way. When you write any post on your facebook page and leave your post link on google plus. Google plus tells google what are webmaster post new article and what about. Try to add peoples in your google plus circle to get more visitors. If you have 500 peoples in your cirlce and you post anything on google plus than all 500 people see your post. Atleast 100 of them must visit your website. It is very useful trick to promote app.


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