ViewSonic VSD241 review

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The ViewSonic VSD241 is a dual-function display. It's primarily a touch-capable 23.6in all-in-one desktop computer running the Android operating system, complete with audio, networking, storage and HD webcam, independent of any other device.

ts design standards are not particularly high. The bezel is made from white glossy plastic, with a more textured plastic on the rear of the panel. The ports at the back are covered by a removable door, with a small hole at the bottom to feed cables through. At the very bottom are a pair of speakers that sound especially tinny, even by the standards of cheap computers.

DVI cannot carry audio, so to use the built-in speakers, you'll need to use a 3.5 mm cable from your PC's audio card. Any HDMI device should play sound directly through the VSD241's speakers. With a PC connected, you can use the built-in SD card reader, webcam and touchscreen, but you'll also need to connect a USB cable first.

The Android hardware is based on nVidia's Tegra 3 platform, with a quad-core ARM processor running at 1.7 GHz. There's 1 GB of memory and 8 GB of built-in flash storage, and you can expand this limited storage with an SD card. After a software update, the VSD241 was running Android 4.2.1, about 18 months old and currently two version behind the latest from Google.

The VSD241 is more promising when used as a display, with measurements that are akin to a mid-range PC monitor. The colour reproduction, brightness and contrast levels aren't terrible, but they're nothing special either. We measured 97% sRGB, 72% NTSC and 75% AdobeRGB gamut coverage.

The brightness uniformity is reasonable, deviating by around 6% to the left of the screen, which is a better result than we expected. And its contrast of 640:1 is good, but 242 cd/m2 is a low maximum brightness level. Using our Spyder calibration tool, we recorded an average Delta E of 1.6, which is a very competitive result.

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