Dell Venue 11 Pro review

Dells Venue 11 Pro is the first Atom-powered computer that I can picture as a replacement for my current laptop. With its two optional accessories, this 10.8-inch tablet can transform into either a small notebook or a diminutive all-in-one PC. The two-day battery life with the optional keyboard dock is amazing. But I do wish it had more memory and storage.

Dells Venue 11 has more capacity to save data. The model reviewed here is powered by an Intel Atom Z3770 processor (Bay Trail class) paired with 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. Most of the tablets I’ve had my hands on recently are based on the Atom Z3740, and the bump up to the Z3770 seems to make a difference. This might be more perception than reality. The Dells Venue 11 Pro’s WorldBench scores are only modestly higher than what Asus’s Z3740-powered Transformer Book T100 delivered. Still, with the Venue 11 Pro, I felt like I wasn't waiting as long for things to happen.

In Dells Venue 11, the keyboard has its own battery, which drains first. I managed to watch several hours of videos, play a few hours of games, and surf for several more, draining only the keyboard’s battery. I worked the whole next day off the tablet’s battery without plugging it in overnight. The keyboard is comfortable, too, which makes the combo a pretty good laptop.

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