HP Pavilion 15 TouchSmart review

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The Pavilion 15 TouchSmart cost £700 when HP originally launched it at the end of 2013. But it has recently come down in price and now represents something of a bargain at just £500.

Pavilion 15 TouchSmart weighed it at 2.6 kg, rather than the 2.5 kg quoted by HP, and it measures 24.7 mm thick. That's now big and heavy even for a 15.6-inch screen model with built-in DVD drive, so the Pavilion 15 may be better suited to spending more of its time at home or in the office.

The speakers lack bass and sound tinny, but they're fairly loud so you can watch a film or listen to some music without needing to use headphones or external speakers. However, it's a bit odd that the Pavilion doesn't include Bluetooth, so if you want to use a set of Bluetooth speakers you'll need to buy a separate Bluetooth adaptor.

The Pavilion 15 TouchSmart can even turn its hand to some 3D gaming, thanks to the inclusion of an nVidia GeForce GT 740M graphics card. You're not going to get a serious gaming laptop for £500, but the Pavilion managed a comfortable 50 fps when running our Stalker gaming test, which is perfectly adequate for the occasional spot of casual gaming. Battery life is good too, as the Haswell-generation Core i5 processor assisted this laptop's way to 5 hours and 45 minutes in our streaming video tests.

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