AOC i2369Vm review

AOC i2369Vm has 23in display has a slim, frameless design finished with metallic details and a brushed aluminium style texture of course, at this price it's actually made from plastic but the overall look is highly convincing and could most certainly be described as ‘premium' rather than ‘budget'.

To the rear we find the largest selection of inputs of any display in the group test VGA and DisplayPort connectors are complemented by a pair of HDMI inputs, one of which also supports MHL for connection to an Android device.

Performance-wise, the AOC i2369Vm is excellent. Its IPS panel ensures great colour reproduction and wide viewing angles, but this display out-performs all others by some considerable margin by achieving the highest measured contrast ratio of any of the IPS displays.

More importantly, this was the only display in the group test to come factory pre-calibrated, requiring almost no correction during the calibration process. You can just plug in AOC i2369Vm and start work, knowing that you're getting the very best picture straight out of the box. The AOC i2369Vm is backed by a full three-year warranty.

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