Microsoft’s Spring Bundle: Xbox 360, 2 games and Live Gold for $250

The new Xbox 360 Spring Value Bundle includes a 250GB console, wireless controller, 1 month of Xbox Live Gold, a copy of Forza Horizon, and Borderlands 2. Forza is included on a disc with the console, where as Borderlands 2 is a Games on Demand Token offering.

As for price, it matches last year’s bundle at $299.99. However, Major Nelson has stated that for a limited time only you can enjoy a $50 discount, meaning the package can be had for $249.99. That discount is available at select US retailers with no details on when exactly it is set to end. There’s also every chance retailers could discount the package a little more.

The Spring Value Bundle is set at a great price with that $50 discount applied and should really become the new standard price of the machine. It looks even better when compared to the current pricing of the PS3, which on Amazon right now is $325 for the 500GB Super Slim model.

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