Windows XP annoying upgrade pop-ups incoming, Chinese users to get unofficial updates

Just over a month, Microsoft will finally stop providing updates for Windows XP after more than a decade. They’re also going to remind you that the end is near, like some crazy-eyed doomsday prophet with a sandwich board.

The pop-up alert you see above will start appearing on both XP Home and Professional systems — provided Windows Updates are turned on. If they’re not, well, then whoever is using that system probably isn’t all that concerned about the fact that support is being killed off anyway.

You’ll be able to dismiss the pop-up by clicking OK, but don’t forget to check the box if you don’t want to be bothered again. If you skip that step, prepare yourself for a Windows activation-like nudge every time you start your system up.

However, there’s some good news for network admins out there who still have XP machines in service. You might be able to get security updates after April 8, provided you can figure out how to get them out of China.xp-tomato-garden-edition

A group of Chinese software companies have formed their individual lions into an XP-protecting Voltron. The group is led by Tencent and Kingsoft and includes search giant Sogou as well as several of China’s ISPs. Their goal is to make sure that the roughly 50% of the country that’s still using XP isn’t left without protection.

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