Microsoft and Google kill the Android-Windows dual-boot dream

Hopefully you weren’t too excited about the Asus Transformer Book Duet, a dockable quad-mode tablet that dual-booted Android and Windows. It turns out neither Microsoft nor Google want Asus to sell it.

Some reports claim that Asus is pulling the plug on the Transformer AiO due to a new anti-dual-boot policy at Microsoft. Microsoft, however, claims that their policies in that regard have never changed. It’s likely that the company sent a memo that clarified the situation in case OEMs had any questions, but the bottom line is that if you want marketing money from Microsoft, you’re only going to get it for devices that only run Windows.

The consensus seems to be that, for the average consumer, dual-boot devices are just too confusing. That’s not a stretch. I’m certain that plenty of people I know wouldn’t understand why they can’t play Cut The Rope on their Windows desktops when they just installed it ten minutes ago from Google Play.

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