Microsoft employee leaked Windows 8

Alex Kibkalo used to work for Microsoft. Used to, because he’s just been arrested on a string of charges related to employee theft. And we’re not just talking about pens, staplers, or coffee creamer.

It seems that Kibkalo was carrying quite a grudge against his employer after he received a less-than-stellar employee review. To exact his revenge, Kibkalo took to forum sites and started leaking software. The leaks clearly went on for quite some time, because the  charges filed against him note that both Windows 7 and Windows 8 bits were posted.

That alone probably wasn’t enough to make Microsoft press charges. Other employees have been caught leaking software before, but they’re generally just terminated. Kibkalo didn’t stop at sharing operating systems early, however.

He also served up Microsoft’s Activation Server SDK, which he reportedly hoped would allow the cracking community to program activation bypasses for Microsoft OSes and other software. It’s easy enough to see why that would set off the alarm bells in Redmond. And ultimately, it’s the SDK that led to his arrest.

Kibkalo and the blogger would have done well to keep their online conversations a bit more discreet. They apparently communicated extensively via Hotmail. Obviously, with a court-issued subpoena Microsoft would’ve been able to get logs from just about any email provider… but it’s a heck of a lot easier to find what you’re looking for when it’s sitting right on your own servers.

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