Download Viber for Blackberry Final Version

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Viber is an communication software that allow you to communicate with other users. It was developed by viber media in 2010 and released for blackberry users in 2013. You can download viber for blackberry and exchange your videos, pictures and mp3 songs with relatives.

Viber is the most popular calling app on google play store where everyday thousands of people download it. When you download viber for blackberry, it asked for signup and create your account via your mobie number because all the users registered account using their mobile numbers.

It is available in many languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, English,  Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Nepali etc.


Procedure of Download Viber for Blackberry

1. Download viber for blackberry app in your pc
2. Than connect your mobile with data cable and check, it is connected properly or not
3. After this send app in your blackberry and disconnect it after sending app
4. Open your application folder and look for viber for blackberry and install it
5. After installing it opened itself where it is asking you to become registered member. You can registered yourself by entering your mobile number, after registering it will asked to confirm your number by sending code. That it

Note: After using your account than don't forget to logout it otherwise your friend or your sibling can use it and this is dangerous for you.

Never give your password to anyone cause this is also the another face of risk.


Download Viber for Blackberry

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