Download Free Facebook App for iPhone OS

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Facebook app for iphone allow their users to connected other fb users via chat and online free calls. They can share pictures, videos, infographics, documents, arts, mp3 songs, important occasions, birthday etc.

You can join groups and post your favourite pics, movies, content, events, questions and other links and you can't join more than 6000 groups in your iphone. Facebook app for iphone allowed members to send private messages to each other even on mobile numbers. But you can delete message in your inbox not in your friend inbox.

When anyone comment or like your status, share something on your wall, share link on your timeline than you will see red alert on top of the facebook in Notificatioons menu. You can start third party campaign on facebook. For example if you are webmaster and want to rank high your site than you can start campaign by making fan page and share it with your friends.

If you want that anyone don't share anything on your time than use privacy option where you can hide your fb post and everyone can't posted on your timeline without your permission. You can also block user if other one disturbing you or you don't like to friendship with him or her.

Facebook app for iphone is now available for download on internet. But before downloading that free iphone app, see the procedure first.


Downloading Procedure of Facebook App for iPhone

1. Download this free iphone app in your computer and save it to particular folder or drive
2. Than connect your iPhone via data cable or connect your memory card via card reader
3. Send the facebook app for iPhone to your device and disconnect it after successful sending
4. Open the application menu in your mobile and install it
5. After installing application will automatically open, enter your correct email and password than start sharing.


Download Facebook app for iPhone

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