Download Viber for iPhone With Latest Features

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Viber is an platform which collected all people in one place to meet each other by text messaging and online calls. Everyone can exchange images, videos, voice messages to each other on this free app. On the net, it is available for downloads for all types of devices including Mac, computer, smartphone, android, linux, iphon etc. Above 10 crors peoples used viber on daily basis and 20% of them used this social app in their iphone.

Features of Viber for iPhone

Before download viber for iPhone read it features. It has many features in its latest version like if you are working in office and someone disturbing you than you can turned off notification. So thats why other one can't disturb you. If you are receiving message quickly and your iphone screen lighting on again and again. Than you can turned off your screen.

If any mobile number irritating you than you can blacklist it by entering those number in block person menu. Or you if you want to unblock it than it is simple remove it from above menu and save it. Even you can also block and unblock peoples messages. Viber for iPhone also allowed you to doodle on your friend or relative photo.


Download Viber for iPhone


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