iPhone Users Can Expertly Retouch Portraits With Facetune

Maybe it's that pesky blemish, stubble or unruly strand of hair that's trying to ruin your pic again. But fear not, the people from Lightricks Ltd. are making your photo-editing needs easier (and cheaper). Meet Facetune, which at time of writing was ranked number three on the App Store's top paid apps chart. The program allows you to touch up your portraits with intuitive tools "previously reserved for the pros."

The app allows you to smooth skin, remove stray hairs, implant or color hairs, clear away imperfections, and remove red-eye and white-eye effects, among other features, with an array of editing tools (screenshots above) — the goal here, essentially, is to make your face look better.

You can also use Facetune to dress up your shots with a smorgasbord of filters, and, as usual, you can push the pics to your social media platforms with the app's sharing options. Check out the videos (above and below, with more here) for tutorials.

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