Sushi Restaurant Tests Drone-Driven Food Delivery

With plans to save African wildlife, drop beer on concertgoers and penetrate tornadoes, we wonder: Are there any tasks drones won't try?

This next airborne, drone-based development might not necessarily come as a shock, but it’s sure to enhance (or at least differentiate) your dining experience.

London-based YO! Sushi, renowned for being the first sushi chain in the UK to deliver food via conveyor belt, is taking its service innovation to the next level: It’s introducing the world’s first flying restaurant tray (see image below).

The overseas eatery is tapping the latest in RC Drone quadricopter technology for what it's calling the iTray, which delivers the restaurant's new range of Japanese rice burgers (above) to seated clientele. The iTray is remote controlled through an on-board Wi-Fi system as well as iPad software. Made from a lightweight carbon-fiber frame, the drone uses four propellers and two cameras to get from kitchen counter to hungry customer.

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