Spray-On Clothing Opens Door For Next-Level Tech

When news broke a few years ago that an experimental spray-on liquid fabric could become wearable clothing, people were wowed by what sounded more science-fiction than fact. Fast forward a few years and that same technology is on the cusp of being introduced into our daily lives in the form of a host of applications that could very well change the face of art, consumer products, and even conservation.

The company behind this technology is called Fabrican. Developed by clothing-designer-turned-chemist Dr. Manel Torres, who was originally looking for a faster way to produce clothes.

But the real value goes far beyond fashion. Commercial applications stretch to household products, factories and industry, healthcare, transportation and art. Right now, the first Fabrican aerosol cans, aimed at arts and crafts consumers, are on their way to being marketed to consumers.

Right now Fabrican is working on crafting seat covers for the automotive and aircraft industries. The company is also testing an industrial-sized compression device that could be used to contain and clean up oil-spills. A fast acting, light, cheap liquid forming fabric could be a huge impact on that market if it in fact succeeds.

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