Computer and Types: What is Computer and Different Types of Computer

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What is Computer?

Computer basically is an electronic device which has the work to save and process data based on operating system. You can perform many task on computer like type and print your documents, playing games, accounting, make presentations and many more.

Computer can be classified into two parts software and hardware. Both definitions are below:



Software is a un-touchable computer part which tells hardware to perform task. Software also known as input device. Browser, computer games are the examples of computer software.



Hardware is a physical part of computer that you can touch. Hardware also known as output device. Speaker, monitor, mouse, keyboard are the example of hardware.

History of Computer

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The first computer ENIAC was developed by two friends Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly, both were the students of University of Pennsylvania. ENIAC stands for (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator) and made with 2000 vaccum tubes with the weight of above 1 ton. ENIAC was the first computer in the world, after ENIAC new computer models appeared on the scene.

Different Types of Computer

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Computer can be counted into types:


Desktop Computer:

Desktop computer is a simple computer which is present everywhere like in house, office, school etc. One benefit of desktop computer is this you can change any part of it or if you want to increase their memory than you can do it easily. Desktop computer has a low price if we compare to other computers.



The word laptop taken from "Lap" which means you can use it on your lap. Laptop based on battery and you can move laptop anywhere. You can't change laptop accessories because the laptop is packed notebook.



Server is the name of large computer group operated by one computer called "Server" which provide the data to other computer in one time. Many offices based on server system which provide the same data to all the computers in office. Server has a large memonry, big processor and high GB ram.



Tablet now taking the place of desktop computer in the world fastly cause it is easy to use no keyboard or mouse needed. Tablet has its own memory and you can put tablet in your pocket.

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