Shortcut Keys: Learn About Shortcut Keys in Computer

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If you are computer user than you must know about shortcut keys in computer. Shortcut keys basically perform actions or task by pressing two or more keys in one time. Mouse usage waste your time where shortcut keys save your time and done your work fastly. Shortcut keys used those people who are working on professional level cause they have to save their time. Some shortcut keys used in same place means you can perform same actions using those keys like Ctrl+C is the shortcut of copy any thing, you can use copy shortcut in many platform including word, social media, your website or many other platforms.

Some task need 2 shortcut keys to perform actions and some need 3 shortcut keys, 3 shortcut keys is the limit of shortcut mean you can't use 4 keys to perform any action. In some applications, you can find shortcut keys yourself like in Ms word menu in top, with action shortcut keys also located there.

So, i am providing list of shortcut keys in computer which is my own collection collected by me which is my computing experience. Look down to see the shortcut keys crowd


Shortcut keys in Computer

Ctrl+A: Select the all the text on current window
Ctrl+C: Copy the selected world
Ctrl+V: Paste the selected copy text
Ctrl+B: For bold text
Ctrl:right arrow: Skip next words
Ctrl+U: Underline the choosed word
Ctrl+left arrow: Skip previous words
Ctrl+O: Open selected file or folder:
Ctrl+Z: Re-write previous words which removed by you
Ctrl+N: Make new file
Ctrl+P: Print words or current page
Ctrl+F: Used for find words in current window
Alt+F4: Out existing file
Ctrl+-: To zoom picture
Ctrl+=: To zoom out picture
Alt+tab: Open first window between 2 or more than windows

Now i am ending the collection of shortcut keys in computer, if you keep these all shortcut keys in your mind than this mean you can control your computer easily and can perform many task in easy way.

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