BenQ GL2450 review

BenQ's GL2450 is a decent, no-nonsense monitor at a very affordable price. Based on a somewhat old-school design aesthetic, its classic black-picture-frame-on-a-stand look features a thick raised bezel incorporating a column of physical control buttons down the right hand side.

Although there's a multimedia version of the display available, this review model's stripped-down feature set offers no audio capability at all and is the only monitor in the group not to offer an HDMI port, meaning you'll need an adaptor if your PC doesn't offer VGA or DVI outputs. Connectors to this display plug in vertically, upwards from the bottom, making switching cables a little more tedious than with the horizontally mounted connections found elsewhere.

Its 24in diagonal makes is physically the largest display of the group and thereby gives it slightly larger pixels. The use of a low-cost TN panel means rather restricted viewing angles which are immediately apparent as soon as you tilt the monitor or move your head off axis.

The use of a TN panel does come with a huge cost saving – you can pick up a GL2450 for a little over a hundred quid, which is great if you're more into spreadsheets than graphics.

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