Man facing 25-year prison term for shipping guns inside Xbox 360 cases

34-year-old Adam Joseph Bunger of Bowling Green, Kentucky decided selling guns to international customers for a healthy profit was a great idea. But his solution for shipping them was less so. What Bunger did was to dismantle the guns and magazines before placing them inside empty Xbox 360 casings. He did this multiple times, shipping out the consoles to customers in Australia, England, and Sweden.

Bunger doesn’t have a license to sell firearms in his home country let alone internationally, and his customers didn’t have licenses to purchase them. It didn’t take long for the authorities in each of the countries he shipped to, to realize what must have been unusually heavy games consoles were a bit suspicious.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives carried out an investigation, discovered Bunger had been selling the guns illegally through a Germany-based business called Black Market Reloaded, and arrested him with more than enough evidence for a conviction.

He has since pleaded guilty to shipping firearms to unlicensed people and also to removing the serial numbers from those firearms. He’s now facing up to 25 years in jail, but won’t find out exactly how long he’ll be locked up for until May.

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