iPhone 6 A8 processor production is underway at TSMC

As with all smartphone makers, Apple is busily planning new devices many months before we have the opportunity to get our hands on them. The iPhone 5S is still only about halfway through its life cycle, but Cupertino is certainly hard at work on its successor, probably called iPhone 6. Reports from Taiwan claim that Apple’s next-generation A8 ARM chip is already being produced, but it’s happening at TSMC instead of Samsung.

Apple’s A7 custom ARM chip was a big step forward for the company. It made the switch to a new custom Cyclone CPU core based on the ARMv8 instruction set. That allowed Apple to tout it at the first 64-bit ARM chip and offer improved power efficiency. The usual naming scheme for Apple’s processors would make the next one the A7x, but if A8 is correct that could indicate a more substantial improvement.

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