How to follow the 2014 Formula 1 season on your iPhone and iPad

The 2014 Formula 1 season is officially here! It may seem like only yesterday we were watching the 2013 Brazilian GP wrap up the season, but a new one is upon us. Rule changes galore, drivers switching teams, it's all shaping up to be one fantastic season. And you can follow it all using your iPhone or iPad.

Official Formula 1 App

It's a little buggy and a little laggy at times, but you're going to get the absolute best F1 data from it of any app out there. Live timings on race day is a particularly awesome thing, and gives you a real second screen experience while you're watching the race. Or keeps you firmly informed if you can't be near a TV or the racetrack. The premium features are unlockable for $10.99 but if you just want the basic news and information it's completely free.

Sky Sports and Sky Sports Mobile TV

In the UK, Sky Sports has the main rights to broadcast coverage, and it's generally doing a pretty good job with it. The good news is Sky also has a healthy supply of mobile apps to complement the TV offering. Sky Sports has a dedicated F1 section with all the news and session timings for each race – though nowhere near as detailed as the official app – and driver bios.

Mobile TV is exactly as it sounds. The advantage to this over Sky Go is that you're not required to have a Sky Sports TV subscription to use it, you sign up for a mobile subscription.

BBC Sport

A shout out to the other best app in the UK for following F1, and that's BBC Sport. BBC also has rights to cover the F1, and its BBC Sport app is arguably better than anything Sky has to offer. Video clips, news, radio coverage, all are available here. It's a pretty great all round sports news app, and it'll keep you well informed with all things F1 as well.


For our Canadian friends, TSN Go will be one of the better ways to get your fix. If you're a subscriber to the TV channels through a compatible service you'll be able to watch live TV. If you're not, you'll still be able to keep up with all the news and goings on from the paddock. But it's the mobile access to live TV – complete with commentary from the BBC team of Ben Edwards and David Coulthard – that makes this one a must have for Canadian fans.

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