Hack Facebook password using social engineering

This is not a sure way of Hack Facebook password but given the time and Patience can yield pretty interesting results.Social engineering attack means to gather information from the target or by using the prior knowledge of the target and then use it to Hack Facebook password by guessing the password or resetting the password. Gather basic information about
the target like

  • Birth date
  • Mobile number
  • The skill he is good at.
  • favourite historical personality

and from this information try to guess the target password you will be surprised to see how many people have such guessable passwords.

Personal Note:- Though this is a effective method don't waste too much time in it as there are other aspects of social engineering which i am know presenting in front of you try them.

Forgot Password Hack
Every social networking site has a password retrieval system to help the user in case he or she forget their password. Facebook also has a password retrieval system which can be wisely used to Hack Facebook password.

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