Best Android Games of the Week: Crazy Taxi Free, Blood ‘n Guns, Cristiano Ronaldo Footy, Mount & Blade, Broken Sword, Dracula 4

This week we have a bigger list of Best of Android Games for you to install on your device. Most games are newly added to Google’s Play Store. As usual you will find both paid and free ones, as well as some other games that are using the in-app purchases system.

All the Android video games listed below are available from Google Play Store and most of them should work with earlier versions of Android such as Eclair 2.1, Froyo 2.2 or Gingerbread 2.3 builds.

Crazy  Taxi:
This popular video game is free to install until March the 19th. Crazy Taxi is one of the most popular PC games from year 2000 and now it has been ported to Android devices, give it a test run.

Crazy Taxi features: original music from The Offspring and Bad Religion, crazy cabbies who need to complete all drives in time disregarding all traffic rules, Arcade Mode, Original Mode, touch or tilt controllers, 16 different Mini games, set your own track playlist, support for Power A Moga, XBOX and all HID controller models, works with Nvidia Shield, and more.

Download and install Crazy Taxi Free for Android 2.2 and later from Google Play.

Mount & Blade: Warband: 

 A strategy RPG game that is set in medieval times that works with NVIDIA SHIELD and other Tegra 4 devices. The game has been fully ported from the PC edition, which is why you will need a gamepad to play it.

Mount & Blade Warband features: support from giving lands to companions and promoting them to the rank of vassals, free to roam world so you will be able to visit villages, castles and towns in order to create your own faction and convince others to join you, tons of weapons, complex AI that will pose a bigger threat to your mission, multiplayer battles that support up to 64 other players, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Capture the Flag, Siege and Battle, marry a lady and gain political support or for romance, troop morale and others.

Install Mount & Blade Warband for Android from Google Play Store

Blood ‘n Guns:
This is another zombie shooting video game that will fill your screen with as many zombies as possible, and you have to kill them all in order to beat the game.

Blood ‘n Guns features: Gun lock that allows you to use your favorite weapon every time you open the game, sandbox game play, support for battling against 80 zombies simultaneously, zombie piles, dynamic explosions, realistic sound, M4 Shotgun, Pistol, Fusion, Neutron, Plasma, Pulse, Thermal, Dynamite and plenty of other type of weaponry for you to choose from when it comes to destroying zombies, 4 player power ups, 4 global power ups, and more.

Blood ‘n Guns works with all Android 3.2 and later devices, it can be installed from Google Play Store.

Broken Sword 5:
You will play as George Stobbard and Nico Collard , you will go on a mission to save the world and solve the Serpent’s Curse. You will find conspiracies, puzzles that need to be solved while being part of a great adventure.

Serpent’s Curse is the latest game in the Broken Sword game series and it features English, French or German speech and with support for English, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish languages.

Download and install Broken Sword Serpent’s Curse for Android 4.0.3 and later. Get the game from Google Play Store.

Dracula 4:
The game’s named comes from a secret order called Shadow of the Dragon. This order date’s back to Vlad Tepes’ days and they are trying to create new creatures that cannot be controlled by Dracula.

Dracula 4 Shadow of the Dragon features great graphics and easy to learn controls, great sound effect that will get you immersed in Dracula’s world for a couple of hours, tons of puzzles that need to be solved, and more. The game is available in five languages: Italian, French, Spanish, German and English.

Dracula 4 costs $4.99, it works with all Android 2.3 and later OS version, and it is available from Google Play Store.

Cristiano Ronaldo Footy:

One of the best world’s best footballer ever now has his own official Android video game. Use all your Football / Soccer video game skills to excel in this great 3D video game, use special moves in order to score tons of goals and help yourself get to the highest rank.

Cristiano Ronaldo Footy features four different stadiums, more than forty challenges, 12 game center achievements, leaderboard, 18 different special moves, boosters and power-ups, kits, customizable teams, and more. It works with all Android 2.3.3 and later devices, it is free to play, but you can use the in-app purchasing system in order to easily complete levels and go up the leaderboard.

Install Cristiano Ronaldo Footy from Google Play.

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