Apple works to mitigate traffic impacts of new Campus 2 development

Of particular interest in the comprehensive EIR planning document is the impact on traffic conditions across 52 intersections surrounding the new "spaceship" complex directly adjacent to Interstate 280, a concern previously voiced by residents last fall.

The document details Level Of Service for a variety of intersections near the project, noting that there are six rankings "ranging from LOS A (the best, free-flowing operating conditions) to LOS F (the worst, most congested operating conditions). LOS E represents “at-capacity” operations. When traffic volumes exceed the capacity, stop-and-go conditions result, and operations are designated as LOS F."

Many intersections in the project area are already rated "D" or "E," and Apple's Campus 2 isn't the only new project that will have an impact on the already "unacceptable" traffic levels.

Directly south of Apple's project a new "Main Street Cupertino" project will build new shopping, office and retail space alongside a seperate expansion of Vallco Mall. The report also names a dozen other significant residential, shopping and school expansion projects already approved or in progress that are factored into the traffic planning data.

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