Tado thermostat review

Tado thermostat claims that its smart thermostat will help consumers save an average 27 percent in heating costs about £180 per year. At a cost of £250 (self-install) Tado thermostat should have paid for itself in 16 months. (If you get an engineer to install Tado then the cost rises to £308, so would take 20 months to recoup using Tado's figures.) With the price of energy unlikely to fall in the next few years unless the government forces reductions cutting costs as soon as possible makes a lot of sense.

The real cost of a boiler is much higher, as an inefficient one will be costing you hundreds of pounds a year in wasted energy. One option, especially if your boiler is over 15 years old, is to replace with a new energy-efficient model. The average savings when replacing a “G” rated boiler is £225 per year. If your existing boiler has a more efficient rating of “D” you can still expect to save as much as £65 per year by replacing it. Even considering the cost of a new combi boiler purchase and installation you’ll be saving money in the long run maybe as early as 5-7 years.

When the Tado thermostat connector kit arrived, the cheery yellow 'Beta' sticker on the box made me wonder whether winter was the best time to test this out, but I needn't have worried.

Both Tado’s browser and smartphone apps offer you the option of predefining just about every setting you could need. Furthermore its smart tracking of dwellers is excellent with the system recognising you have left the house within minutes and then checking in with your smartphone’s location now and again in Tado thermostat

The most well known is Nest, from the ex-Apple guys who originally worked on the iPod. It looks gorgeous, and is simple to use. Google liked it so much that it forked out $3 billion to buy the company. Since October 2011 Nest claims its US customers have saved more than 1.4 billion kilowatt hours, enough electricity to power more than 135,000 homes for a year for Tado thermostat. It made its UK debut in April 2014.

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