Paragon Backup and Recovery 2014 Free Download

In our experience free backup tools often have annoying restrictions, especially when they come from commercial companies who really want you to upgrade. Paragon Backup and Recovery 2013 Free is an exception, though the program comes packed with functions and features, more than enough to satisfy the demands of many PC users.

In Paragon Backup and Recovery switch to the Advanced Mode and you'll find even more options, including the ability to create differential backups of your drive, as well as a useful set of partitioning tools (there's everything you need to create, format, move, resize, hide, unhide, delete and otherwise organise your partitions).

And restoration is just as straightforward. It's easy to restore anything from a single file within your backup to an entire image, and the program's Recovery Builder helps you build a bootable recovery disc so you'll be able to restore your backups even if your PC is corrupted and won't boot. Note you'll need to download Paragon Backup and Recovery separately after registering the product log into your Paragon account and choose My Downloads to access this.

Paragon Backup and Recovery launched the new version 2014. The latest 2014 edition adds full support for Windows 8.1, Storage Spaces and UEFI. It also introduces a New Backup Format tab, allowing users more flexibility with backing up by using a new pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Drive) format. There’s also a refreshed UI and updated recovery media builder added, allowing users to create a Linux-based recovery disc.

Download: Paragon Recovery 2014

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