Nokia Lumia 1320 review

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Windows Phone is similar to iPhone in the sense that it offers a locked-down, curated and secure experience without the variance of quality you will find in the Android world. Nokia has also skilfully built a portfolio of phones that range in price from around £100 on the street up to £500, and from 4in to 6in display and beyond.


Nokia Lumia 1320 is a chunky phone, the front of which is principally made up of the glass screen. This is solid and scratch resistant. At 9.8 mm at its thinnest point, and 220 g on the scales, the 
Nokia Lumia 1320 is not the smallest or sleekest handset around, but for this size of screen, and at this price, it is well-designed and -built.

Around the sides you'll find on/off switch, volume controls and the dedicated camera button. At the top is a 3.5 mm jack, and at the bottom is the Micro-USB port.

The back of the 
Nokia Lumia 1320 is a curved plastic affair, with camera aperture at the top and speaker at the bottom, the uniform colour broken only by a discreet 'Nokia' logo. As with all of the Lumia family you can remove the back cover, in this case allowing you to swap out the battery, change the SIM and add in expandable storage.


Nokia Lumia 1320 boasts a huge, 6in display. Unlike high-end smartphones this is 'only' a 720p screen, 1280 x 720-pixel to be precise. Compare that with more expensive but similarly sized Lumia 1520 and you start to see where cost savings have been made. The Lumia 1520 has a pixel density of 367 ppi, where this Lumia 1320 tops out at 245 ppi.

These days that's the sharpness of a decent tablet, and it can't compete with the super-sharp displays of top-of-the-range handsets such as the HTC One M8 (441 ppi) or the bargain Nexus 5 (445 ppi). Drop down to the budget Moto G handset and you'll still find a superior pixel density of 326 ppi.
Nokia Lumia 1320 is a 6in IPS display. Colours are crisp and bright. Viewing angles are good. The only real down sides to that lack of true HD are apparent when viewing text documents, in which smaller letters start to look a little furry. This is a shame as the size of display and Windows Phone's Office credentials make the 1320 a good potential office workhorse.

Web browser

As a Windows Phone the 
Nokia Lumia 1320 uses Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is arguably the best of the native Windows mobile web browsers, which is just as well given that outside of the major apps, the Windows App store remains a little bare compared to Android or iOS.

Internet Explorer 10 has all the features you would expect in a mobile web browser: tabs, favourites and built-in webpage sharing are present and correct. Setting Favourites and using and erasing your web history is straightforward too.

It's an HTML5-compatible browser, and IE10 supports web app essentials such as the Application Cache API for creating offline apps and IndexedDB for storing data. There's also support for Web Workers, WebSockets and several of the new HTML5 form elements. This means that web developers can recreate the desktop and app experiences on mobile websites.

IE10 on mobile has all the new CSS features found in the Windows 8 version as well, including CSS layout features such as CSS Regions and Grid layout.


The camera, alas, is. If only because we have grown accustomed to Nokia Lumia handsets coming with exceptionally good cameras, we're sorry to report that the 
Nokia Lumia 1320 has only a bog-standard 5 Mp camera with none of the high-end 'PureView' features more readily associated with Nokia snappers.

Images shot with the 
Nokia Lumia 1320 are solid rather than spectacular, but they are by no means terrible. Framing and focusing shots is simple, and general detail levels are good. We occasionally found some images flat and washed out, however.

A secondary camera around the front captures 640 x 480-pixel images, and offers video recording, still image capture and video calling.


One area in which the 
Nokia Lumia 1320 must do better is storage. It comes with just 8 GB of onboard storage, and by the time we got hold of our new Lumia 1320 we had only 4.54 GB to play with. with an SD card slot that allows for up to 64 GB of additional space. Invest in a large SD card if you want to use this phone.

Battery Life

It shares with its big brother 1520 a 12.9 Wh lithium battery. This combined with the relatively low-grade chip and comparatively low-res display probably helped the Nokia Lumia 1320 to show decent battery life. There are some benefits to a lower spec.

We found that we could get two full days of general use out of the 
Nokia Lumia 1320, without having to charge. And that is without engaging power-saving mode. This is a great and unusual result, and clear reason to consider a Nokia Lumia 1320.

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  1. Lumiais a chunky phone, the front of which is principally made up of the glass screen. This is solid and scratch resistant. At 9.8 mm at its thinnest ...