Microsoft pays $100 if you ditch your XP system

Based on Microsoft’s wording, you might even be able to score multiple $100 bounties. There’s a limit of one rebate per devices, so whether that means one per XP trade-in or one per new system you’re buying, it’s definitely not the same as one per customer. The Microsoft rep I chatted with did tell me if I was buying online that I may have to create a second account to do it… certainly not a major inconvenience.

Don’t feel like visiting a physical Microsoft Store to make your purchase? You can still take advantage of the deal from the comfort of your home, you’ll just have to prove you have a “qualifying XP device.” From my own testing, it looks like all you need is a browser with a valid XP user agent (like Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; ) ). If you don’t have an XP machine, Firefox and the User Agent Switcher extension will do the trick.

Changing your user agent is free, so really there’s no need to bother trying to find an old XP system on Craigslist… or even booting up your trusty old Pentium MMX laptop for one last browsing session. Leave it on the shelf in your personal computing museum.

XP support comes to  a grinding halt on April 8th, and the Spring update for Windows 8.1 is due around the same time. If you’ve been leery about making the move, now might be a good time. Microsoft has made Windows 8 a lot more usable and the $100 discount is a nice bonus.

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