Luxa2 Groovy W review

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The Luxa2 Groovy W is yet another Bluetooth wireless speaker, this one a portable block around the size of a packet of biscuits. There's a rechargeable battery inside, said to be good for 15 or 10 hours of play time (depending whether you read the specifications online or from the printed leaflet) and another booster battery pack is included, with around twice the energy capacity again.

The top plate of the box is populated with blue indicator lights, and finished in gloss-black epoxy-like plastic. These indicate battery level, mic operation, Bluetooth connection; and some of these lights are actually blue backlit touch-sensitive controls, namely a play/pause/hangup button, as well as and + touch areas to control volume.

For Bluetooth wireless audio connections, the 
Luxa2 Groovy W can only use the lowest-grade SBC codec from what is advertised as the unit's Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) Bluetooth chipset; so do not expect to be able to stream audio using the preferred aptX or AAC audio codecs that are available from recent phones and some computers.

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