Advent Tacto review

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The Advent Tacto is solidly built for such an affordable device, with a sturdy case and good, firm screen panel. It’s a little heavy for a laptop with an 11.6-inch screen, weighing almost 1.5 kg and measuring 25 mm thick, but that’s light enough to carry around without too much trouble.

The one real disappoinment is that the 
Advent Tacto’s three USB ports are all only USB 2.0 rather than the very useful USB 3.0. The speakers are also rather feeble they were barely audible when listening to the news on the BBC iPlayer even at maximum volume, so you’ll need to carry around some headphones if you want to listen to some music or the dialogue of a film. The keyboard feels a bit cramped too with a key pitch of just 17 mm so it won’t be ideal for less nimble-fingered users.

The performance of 
Advent Tacto is inevitably quite restricted, with the Tacto’s 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron processor managing an overall score of just 2064 points when running the general purpose PCMark 7 benchtests. But again, we’ve seen worse scores from other budget laptops costing £100 more than the Tacto, and its 4 GB of memory and 500 GB hard disk will allow it to accomodate most basic computing tasks perfectly well.

The battery life of 
Advent Tacto is quite respectable too. The spec sheet for the Tacto lists it at ‘up to three hours’, but we got a full four hours (240 mins) when looping video in our usual HD video test, so it should certainly allow you to get a few hours of web browsing when you’re out and about.

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