3 best browser for iphone

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Looking for the best browser for iPhone apps to take your web browsing in a new direction? Perhaps you don't use Safari on your desktop and want to sync with Google instead? Maybe you want a way to play Flash videos like it's 2007, the App Store is full of browser apps. But which one is the very best?

Google Chrome

Chrome can't use Google's Blink HTML engine or V9 JavaScript engine on iOS, but it can still sync all your Chrome bookmarks, all your Chrome preferences, and all the other information from all your other instances of Chrome, whether they're on your Mac, PC, or iPad. Google chrome show itself best browser for iPhone.

Download: Chrome for iphone

Puffin Web Browser

Puffing is one of the best browser for iPhone. Puffin Web Browser is one of the most feature packed web browsers you're going to find for iPhone. Not only does it support bookmark and tab syncing across other Puffin browser instances, it supports Flash. Beyond that, the game pad controls in Puffin not only make it possible to play Flash games on your iPhone, it actually makes the experience rather enjoyable. 

Download: Puffin Web Browser

Mercury Browser

Mercury Browser Pro is a fan favorite mainly because of its versatility. Mercury not only syncs bookmarks and other datas with other instances of Mercury, but also with versions of Firefox and Chrome. That means there's very little leg work on your end when it comes to making sure your content is available across devices. Maniupating files and media in Mercury is also one of the most desktop like experiences you'll get. Mercury is proved to be a best browser for iPhone.

Download: Mercury Browser

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