ZTE Nubia X6 Great Specs on a fair Price

In a few words, here is what we know so far about this new Android based smartphone the ZTE Nubia X6 specs will include only the best that we have released on the market as the device will come with Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3 GB of RAM memory, 128 GB on board storage (quite amazing isn’t it) and a pair of 13 MP cameras on the back and also on the front. The phone will also feature a large 6.44 inch full HD display and latest version of Android OS with of course KitKat 4.4.2 firmware pre-installed.

As I have already mentioned ZTE didn’t announced anything about the 
ZTE Nubia X6 US and Europe release yet, but it will be just great to see this high end device launched on various markets too so far we know for sure that the phone will arrive in China sometime during the following months.

As for the price tag, from what we could find out, the 
ZTE Nubia X6 will be priced at $640, a fair deal considering the performances outlined above. Anyway these are only few aspects that were revealed about this new Android device and we are expecting further info to be made available during the following days.

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