Keep your browser organized with pinned tabs

If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, you can keep your more essential tabs organized to the far left of your browser. That leaves the rest of your window for tabs dedicated to research, news, and games.

Open a tab in your browser and navigate to whatever website you want to keep open. In my case, I like to use pinned tabs for, OneDrive, Facebook, and Twitter.

Once you've got your tabs open to the web apps you need, right-click on the tab and select "Pin tab." That's it! Your tab will now shrink in size and be shunted to the left end of your browser window.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind about pinned tabs. They don't have an "X" option so you can't accidentally close them. Nevertheless, they still operate like normal tabs.

Restart browser

The browsers offering pinned tabs also behave differently on a restart. Once you've pinned your tabs, the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox will always open with your pinned tabs just as you left them.

 To make sure your pinned tabs always open in Opera, click on the Opera button in the upper left corner and select Settings > Browser. Under the On startup section click the radio button next to "Continue where I left off."

Now your Opera pinned tabs are permanent. Any other tabs you have open will also reappear when you reopen the browser.

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