Respawn employees gifted limited edition Titanfall Xbox One

To say that Titanfall is a very important game for Microsoft is a bit of an understatement. Microsoft is clearly hoping this is the Xbox One’s system seller, and that has been made clear by the fact the game will be offered for free with the $499 console. It’s also exclusive to the platform.

Unfortunately for us, this is another design not being offered to consumers. You can get Titanfall bundled with the Xbox One in special packaging, but the console inside will be the standard black edition. The only Titanfall-themed hardware you will be able to get is the controller.

Titanfall and the Xbox One with Titanfall included will both be available to purchase from March 11. If Titanfall isn’t your type of game, though, select retailers are set to start offering the Xbox One with a free copy of Forza Motorsport 5, although it’s expected to be a very limited offer so don’t hang about if you want to pick one up.

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