Microsoft OneNote 15.0 Free Download

Microsoft OneNote a relatively recent addition to the Office family is its answer to the question of where you keep everything you jot down. And the good news is that from the 2013 version the app is now free for PCs and available on the Mac for the first time too.

Creating notes is mercifully simple, as is organising them into notebooks and sections. Type anywhere within a canvas to enter text, attach images, create lists and more. Everything you create is a container, and you can drag and drop these around the screen until they’re laid out as you wish.

OneNote is cloud-based, which means you’ll need to sign into (or set up) your Microsoft account to use it. Once done, however, all notes are stored online, and synced automatically to your other devices. You’ll find mobile apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android among other

Note the Windows installer is a stub for the 32-bit version (64-bit users should click here), and will download the latest version of the software during installation.

Download: Microsoft OneNote 15.0

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