LG G2 review

The LG G2 launched at just £399, so not quite as cheap as Google's subsidised phone, but a significant amount cheaper than rivals such as Samsung's Galaxy S4. Now we've updated this review a few months on, a quick search on the internet reveals that the LG G2 can be obtained for under £300 which is astonishing.

This is exactly what the LG G2 provides and when you look at the spec sheet, it's simply amazing what you get for your money. A gorgeous 5.2in screen is squeezed into a body which is about the same size as the Galaxy S4. The front of the device has a higher screen to bezel ratio than any other device and the super-slim bezels on the side give an edge-to-edge look which oozes class.

Moving on from the screen, there is a blisteringly fast quad-core processor and a 13Mp rear camera which has optical image stabilisation. Storage is a small downside since there's only 16 or 32GB on offer and there is no microSD card slot for adding more. It's about the only thing which the LG G2 doesn't have. The LG G2's hardware is up there with the best devices around but the price is much lower.

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