iOS 7.1 breathes life into aging iPhone 4

If you own an iPhone 4, you no longer have to be afraid of updating the OS any more. iOS 7.1 won’t gum up the works the way iOS 7 did.

It’s hard to quantify the improvements. I tried timing a few basic actions before and after the iOS 7.1 update to see what kind of difference it made. Booting up and shutting down took several seconds longer. Even launching the Google webpage was slower on iOS 7.1 than it was on iOS 7.

Now, the iPhone 4 is not my daily driver any more. I’ve moved on, but there are plenty of people that picked up Apple’s former flagship when it was offered up as a freebie with a new contract after the iPhone 5 launched. Anyone that purchased it last year and felt stung by iOS 7 should now be breathing a sigh of relief. They can now make use of the re-designed camera and weather apps, utilize Passbook, and stealthily surf with the private browsing mode in Safari.

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