Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD Monitor review

Designers and graphic artists love big screens, with all their many palettes and menus jostling for valuable screen space. With its 31.5in widescreen display and Ultra HD 4K resolution, Dell's UP3241Q is therefore an attractive proposition and also a competitively priced solution for viewing 4K video in all its glory.

The monitor features a height-adjustable stand and incorporates a USB 3.0 hub with four ports, one of which supports battery charging. Inputs include one each of HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort connections. There's no audio support as standard, but you can attach an optional soundbar, which will add a set of speakers below the screen.

The specified 99% Adobe RGB gamut is great for those who demand the most accurate colour, but a potential pain for those who just want to plug and play. However, sRGB mode is also available for those who don't wish to calibrate their display. Ten-bit colour is also available, enabling a palette of up to 1.074 billion colours when paired with a workstation-class graphics card such as an nVidia Quadro or AMD FirePro.

While many modern graphics cards are able to output 4K resolutions, there are a few conditions which must be met in order to fully exploit the monitor's Ultra HD capabilities with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

To display the full 3840 x 2160 resolution at a 60 Hz refresh rate, the monitor divides its input into two 'tiles' of 1920 x 2160 pixels which are sent from your graphics card as if they were connected to two separate displays. The monitor then combines the two tiles into a single on-screen desktop.

Some competing 4K monitors, such as the Asus PQ321Q, allow you to connect a pair of HDMI inputs from a single graphics card to create your 4K desktop. This is not the case with the Dell UP3214Q, which offers only a single HDMI connection alongside those for DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort.

Colour reproduction is superb, covering 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut (our Spyder Elite calibration rounded it up to 100%) and delivering extremely accurate results, thanks to pre-calibration in the factory. This resulted in an average colour error of less than 1.0 DeltaE.

Maximum brightness and checkerboard contrast are also commendable, peaking at 312 cd/m2 and 550:1 respectively.

You can improve performance still further by purchasing an optional X-Rite i1Display Pro calibrator which works in conjunction with Dell's own calibration software.

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