BT YouView+ box review

BT has updated its YouView+ box from the Humax DTR-T1000 it launched back in 2012. The new BT YouView+ box also made by Humax offers exactly the same features and easy-to-use YouView interface, but in a much smaller, faster, quieter package. Here's our review of the Humax DTR-T2100.

The 2014 BT YouView+ box is just 237mm wide (143mm narrower than the T1000) and is designed to match BT’s Home Hub 4 and 5 routers.

In BT YouView+ box you get a mains adapter (the power supply is external), an HDMI cable and an extremely long Ethernet cable. Annoyingly there’s still no built-in Wi-Fi so you’ll have to use the Ethernet cable to connect the box to your router. The rear USB port can’t be used with a Wi-Fi dongle, before you ask. It’s for engineers’ use only or to charge your smartphone.

In that mode, the box takes a tardy 1 minute and 36 seconds to boot up but sips power at under 1W. If you want a much faster boot time (just a few seconds), you’ll need to switch to the ‘high’ power mode which uses somewhere between 8W and 9W. That’s only a watt or so less than the usual power consumption when the box is on, but overall, it’s roughly half the draw of the older BT YouView+ box.

BT YouView+ box performance-wise, the DTR-T2100 is leagues better than the old DTR-T1000. It’s fast to navigate through menus, launch on-demand players and browse the EPG. If you hold down a button to skip forward or backwards, the EPG gives up trying to display programme data and quickly scrolls along the time bar. You can skip between days using the rewind and fast forward buttons a nice touch.

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