1Password 4.2 for Mac packs more power into its browser extension

Password manager 1Password for Mac has been updated to version 4.2, adding numerous new capabilities to the app, including a number of improvements to 1Password mini. Improvements have also been made to AutoSave, item editing, and backups in version 4.2.

The 1Password mini browser extension receives the majority of the attention with the update. You can now edit items from within the extension itself, including generated passwords. URL matching has been enhanced, with better recognition of sub-domains. 1Password mini now allows you to view secure notes, and supports "fuzzy" search, meaning that if your search is close enough to an item in your vault, that item will appear in your search, such as typing "pple" to get Apple.

Editing has seen some tweaks. If 1Password quit or locked while you were editing an item, you can now resume editing on opening the app again, and you can change vaults while editing, then resume with that item after changing back. You can also easily rename tags right in the sidebar, and item note editing supports Undo and Redo.

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