Xbox One Controller review

The best thing about the Xbox One?
Where do you go when you've already produced the best? That must have been the problem facing Microsoft when it came to designing a new controller for the Xbox One.

All but the most stalwart PlayStation fans would admit that the 360 controller is more ergonomic, more responsive and more accurate than the still very usable Dual Shock 3, and it's no surprise that it's become the choice of controller for most PC users too. When Nintendo came to design the Pro controller for Wii U, it was Microsoft's controller that it took its inspiration from.

With the Xbox One pad, Microsoft has taken a more evolutionary route. Pick it up and it's instantly familiar, your thumbs and fingers rapidly settling into their accustomed places. The shape, weight and textures are largely as before.

Minor Changes
Take a closer look, however, and there are some minor changes. The thumbsticks now have a textured ring around the pad, helping to anchor your thumbs in place - something you might appreciate during longer sessions of gaming.

The shape and taper of the triggers and bumpers has been changed slightly so that your index and middle fingers have an easier time gripping them. Perhaps most controversially, the feel of the thumbsticks is slightly lighter, though we're told that they're more accurate and responsive.

It's hard to say much based on five-minute demos of a handful of games, but the Xbox One controller shouldn't lose its predecessor's reputation for speed and pinpoint accuracy under pressure.

 The most welcome change - particularly for fighting game fans - will be the replacement of the old circular digital D-pad for a classic cross-shaped design. This should make things that little bit easier when trying to switch weapons in an FPS or pull off strings of barnstorming combo attacks in Killer Instinct. There's no excess travel on the new D-Pad, which keeps things nice and responsive, and it's a vast improvement on what was always one of the 360 controller's few weak points.

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