Samsung Slashes Galaxy S4 Order By 50% For July

Every company would go through various stages of growth, from a slow and steady to an explosive one, hitting a plateau, before some either go to the next level or experience a reversal in fortunes. Samsung obviously cannot remain at the top forever, and not even with a flagship model like the Galaxy S4, it cannot remain at the top of the sales charts forever. Word on the street has it that Samsung’s Mobile Division has now lowered the number of July components order to a mere 6.5 million Galaxy S4 units, which is a rather significant drop compared to May’s figures of 12.2 million.

It was just a few weeks prior that Samsung sang a different tune, where they managed to ship 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 in a record 26 days after launch, shattering previous records and increasing future expectations. I suppose this also means that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to retire soon, which is a good idea after all since the Galaxy S3 is still doing pretty well, and could eat into the Galaxy S4’s sales figures. It looks like the likes of the HTC One and Xperia Z are starting to spice things up in the flagship smartphone arena.

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