Latest Nokia EOS 41-Megapixel Camera Device Leaked

You could more or less say that plenty of buzz has been surrounding one of Nokia’s next hot property, which so happens to be the heavily leaked Nokia EOS. The thing about the Nokia EOS is this – it is a relatively unknown smartphone, although initial leaks have already pointed to the possibility of a hefty 41-megapixel camera integrated into this device (boy would this bad boy give the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom a run for its money), all crammed into an aluminum chassis that might very well be made out of recycled soda cans. I jest about that last beat, but with the camera cover plate depicting the words “41 MEGA PIXEL”, we might be looking at a handset in the same spiritual vein as that of its predecessor, the Nokia 808 PureView.

We do hope to hear and see more about the Nokia EOS in the days and weeks ahead, and hopefully, the world would not need to wait too long for an official version of the device to roll out to the masses.

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