iTwin Connect 'Breaks' Apart to Protect Your Privacy

iTwin Connect is a simple measure for keeping your data more secure. The device consists of two identical halves connected by USB that help create a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In order to set up the secure network, plug the device into a USB port on a computer; at the office, for instance. Detach one half of the device and plug it into your home computer — a secure VPN tunnel is instantly created between the two.

iTwin Connect also includes a remote desktop and remote file access, which means you can access your office servers from your home. According to iTwin, all data transmitted is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256, which ensures the highest level of protection.

The device works so that every time the two halves are paired, a unique crypto key is created that then generates a session key which protects all data transmitted over the Internet. iTwin Connect also provides an optional password for two-factor authentication. Only you possess the hardware “key” required for remote access.

The device has been available on Windows for a while but a Mac version has just been released. With this upgrade, Mac users can use iTwin Connect on their Macs and seamlessly between a Mac and a PC, for both VPN and remote desktop access.

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