Instagram For Windows Phone Is Still A No-Show

At Facebook’s event held yesterday, a video feature for Instagram was announced. While that is a cool feature we’re sure Instagram users will appreciate, Windows Phone owners are probably wondering where is the love when it comes to Instagram for Windows Phone? In the past we’ve seen “evidence” of Instagram arriving on Windows Phone, but despite numerous Windows Phone-related events coming and going, there is still no word of the app, and it looks like Windows Phone users are in for a wait. During the Q&A session, a question was posed to Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg as to the availability of Instagram on Windows Phone. Unfortunately Zuckerburg’s answer was that they had nothing to announce right now, although he did state that Windows Phone is “very interesting”. While Zuckerburg did not completely rule out the app arriving on Windows Phone, his answer isn’t exactly inspiring as it means that Windows Phone users might have to wait months, or maybe even years before we see a release of the app. Either way there are third party alternatives out there, but we’re sure that WP owners will probably appreciate the official version nonetheless.

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