Google's Nexus 7 tablets dying early, possibly due to cheap memory

Less than a year after hitting the market at an exceptionally low $199 price point, Google's Nexus 7 mini tablet is causing an uproar among early adopters who complain the device is already beginning to fail with frustrating lag and frequent periods of unresponsiveness.

"I cannot pick up my Nexus 7 without experiencing problems like a lag of ten seconds, or more, just to rotate the display," Early wrote. "Touches refusing to acknowledged; stuttering notification panel actions; and unresponsive apps."

Early said he was originally "blown away" by the Nexus 7, writing "it was the perfect form factor for Android, and probably the best Android device I had ever used at the time. All for just $200. You simply couldn’t ask for more in a device."

Despite trying a factory reset and then "drastic measures, like rooting and installing CyanogenMod 10.1" which Early "thought would surely fix everything" based on the assumption that "performance problems were merely a lack of software optimization," he concluded, "nothing seems to work."

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